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Ancient Wisdom Wellness Gift Box


Discover Serenity Self Care Kit a collection of carefully curated products designed to promote relaxation rejuvenation and a sense of well-being.
This thoughtfully curated set includes a collection of luxurious products designed to nourish the body and invigorate the senses so you canembark on a blissful journey of self-care. Our set includes: – invigorating body scrub (80g) that combines the exfoliating power of sugar with the enticing scent of fresh strawberries – rejuvenating body cream (60g) infused with carefully selected ingredients – trio of bath salts in vials (3 x 40g): energise clarity and sensual – Vitamin C serum (30ml) packed with potent antioxidants Whether you are seeking a moment of relaxation or looking to revitalize your body and mind this kit is your essential companion to create your own sanctuary of tranquility and well-being. Also perfect to surprise a loved one with the gift of mindful indulgence.
Box size: 28 x 19 x 3.8 cm includes three bath salts in glass vials infused with soothing scents and natural ingredients to create a blissful and relaxing bathing experience. In addition ourSelf Care Kitsinclude a sugar scrub that will invigorate the skin and gently exfoliate revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion. Sets feature a rich and velvety body cream to nourish and moisturise the body. Last but not least you’ll also find a face serum in the box that targets specific skin concerns and enhances the overall complexion.



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The Old Apothecary Shop Tote Bag

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Special edition designed tote bag. The illustration is of our grade 2, listed window originally designed and installed by Alfred Newton, the second owner of the Old Apothecary Shop.

The Old Apothecary Tote Bag 1