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Eco bath Natural Loofah bath mitt

Our Eco Bath London Natural Loofah Bath Mitt is the perfect tool for exfoliating and cleansing your body.

Made from natural loofah plants and natural towelling, it helps to remove dead skin cells and promote healthy, soft skin.

This mitt is traditionally grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides on a small farm in the fertile region of Antioch in Southern Turkey.


Eco bath Natural Loofah bath mitt


Get ready for glowing, healthy skin with our superior Natural Loofah Bath Mitt.


  • Exfoliates, smooths, and softens dead skin
  • Leaves your body feeling soothed and revitalised
  • Provides both cleansing and massaging effects for a refreshed feeling
  • To be used wet with warm water for an eco-friendly option

Weight; 71g


The Old Apothecary Shop Tote Bag

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Special edition designed tote bag. The illustration is of our grade 2, listed window originally designed and installed by Alfred Newton, the second owner of the Old Apothecary Shop.

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